Manuela Zaccolo

    Manuela Zaccolo graduated in medicine at the University of Torino, Italy. She is Professor of Cell Biology in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and Director of th Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Science Centre at the University of Oxford, UK. She is also a Tutor and Fellow Balliol College, Oxford. Her research focuses on how cardiac myocytes sense external stimuli and how these are processed to produce a functional outcome. She is interested in the architectural and regulatory principles by which intracellular signalling networks achieve the plasticity and context-sensitivity necessary for the myocyte to function. In particular, her work has focused on cyclic nucleotide signalling and on the role of local regulation by phosphodiesterases. Central to her approach is the use of FRET-based reporters and real-time imaging to dissect the topography and function of subcellular cyclic nucleotide nanodomains. Her ultimate goal is to understand how alteration of compartmentalised cyclic nucleotide networks leads to cardiac disease and to apply this knowledge to the development of novel therapeutic strategies.