Johannes Backs

    Johannes received the MD degree from Heidelberg University in 2002. He then conducted his postdoctoral studies on transcriptional control mechanisms in the heart in Dallas from 2003-2007 under the supervision of Eric N. Olson. After leading an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group in Heidelberg, he was in 2013 appointed as a W3 and DZHK professor (Department of Cardiology, Hugo A.Katus), and in 2015 he was promoted to the Director of the Department of Molecular Cardiology & Epigenetics (Center of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital Heidelberg). He is board member of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the ESC and the ISHR.  He is interested in the regulation of chromatin-modifying enzymes by environmental signals. In particular, he could link kinases (CaMKII, PKA) that are sensitive to beta-adrenergic receptors to one histone deacetylase (HDAC4). He is currently investigating the impact of these regulatory pathways on cardiac function in the context of metabolic alterations.